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Ecosystem RX Propellant Genome Valley

Rx Propellant aims to create self-sustained, full-service ecosystems that complement our best-in-class infrastructure. We believe in providing our tenants with not just exceptional spaces but also aim to maximize their success by inducting them into the clusters. With an amalgamation of a rich talent pool, strong networking opportunities and plug-and-play facilities for start-ups, our clusters are poised to be prime hubs for science and innovation.

GVALS Rx Propellant Genome Valley
GV Academy of Life Science

GV Academy for Life Sciences

A foundry of talent!

A rich industry-ready talent pool is a prerequisite for rapid scale-up of operations. Our academy conducts curated programs to upskill postgraduates in chemistry/biology with hands-on laboratory experience, thereby bridging the industry-academia gap. GVALS addresses deficits in the traditional coursework such as the inability to keep up with the fast-paced change in technology, old curriculum, and lack of hands-on training. Additionally, GVALS supports in placements by connecting talent with opportunity, thus making the program a win-win proposition for future scientists as well as companies. At the same time, it allows employers in the Lifesciences domain to focus on their core business while having access to a skilled talent pool that can be leveraged to rapidly scale up operations.

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GV Connect Rx Propellant Genome Valley
GV Connect

GV Connect

Collaborate and Innovate!

Networking with the scientific community is key to fostering research and innovation. GV Connect brings together scientists and entrepreneurs alike through several cluster initiatives such as webinars or seminars by thought leaders, social and cultural activities. The networking platform also provides a boost to young companies to establish their presence in the cluster and access talent, funding, and scientific advisory. GV Connect is instrumental in enhancing social amenities within a cluster like cafes, and hospitals that can have a significant impact on productivity, work-life balance, and long-term economic impact for all stakeholders.

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COLABS Rx Propellant Genome Valley


A Start-up Springboard!

CoLabs offers plug-and-play labs that are a one-stop solution for young companies wanting to start their operations from the first day. It is a unique proposition for start-ups with flexible leasing terms and shared labs, amenities and equipment. This allows investment of seed funds in operations rather than diverting them to capital-intensive laboratory instruments. Besides infrastructure, CoLabs enables access to talent, funding opportunities and scientific advisory which are key for acceleration and growth. Integrated with Rx Propellant’s Lifesciences clusters, CoLabs are ideal for companies to showcase their research and collaborate with other teams.