Our Lifesciences Real Estate portfolio consists of nine projects with over 6.5M SFT which are currently under development in major Indian cities.

Each project is designed to be single or multi-tenanted and caters to the needs of Pharma, Biotech, Contract Research services, Med-Tech and Agri-research companies. The infrastructure has diverse utilities for chemistry/biology research, clean rooms, vivarium, pilot plants, manufacturing and packaging.


Genome Valley, spread over 25 in the vicinity of Hyderabad, is India’s first organized Lifesciences R&D cluster, boasting world-class infrastructure facilities in the form of Industrial / Knowledge Parks, Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Multi-tenanted Lifesciences focused centres.

Genome Valley has emerged as the preferred destination for R&D focused Lifesciences companies in India, housing over 200 companies, making it the country’s largest cluster. The cluster consists of companies across diverse sectors such as Pharma, Biotech, Vaccine Manufacturing, Agri-Research, Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s) etc.

Rx Propellant has a portfolio of five projects in the cluster with ~2 Mn SFT development that consists of state-of-the-art lab spaces.


Total development: 410,000 SFT
Floor plate: 25,000 SFT


Total development: 150,000 SFT
Floor plate: 22,000 SFT


Total development: 557,000 SFT
Floor plate: 25,000 SFT


Total development: 252,650 SFT
Floor plate: 18,000 SFT

Nextopolis Rx Propellant Genome valley


Total development: 140,000 SFT

Nextopolis Rx Propellant Genome valley

B Hub

Total development: 160,000 SFT

Nextopolis Rx Propellant Genome valley

GV 1

Total development: 125,000 SFT


Bengaluru is a major Lifesciences hub with operations of some of the top contract research organizations and multi-national companies. Many of the premier research institutes are based in this city which offers a rich talent pool to foster science.

BLR District is our flagship mega-project in the city that spreads across 50 acres. It is an iconic destination for R&D and innovation for young companies as well as multi-national establishments.

With a total size of 2.5 Mn SFT, the project is divided into five districts, the first of which known as 1 BLR is currently under development.

BLR District

BLR District

Total development: 2,500,000 SFT
Floor plate: 25,000 SFT


Mumbai showcases India as the global pharma hub housing the headquarter of major pharma companies. Mumbai’s excellent connectivity, presence of prominent industries, rising concept of co-working space, and a large customer base makes the city an attractive destination for startups and collaborations.

Navi Mumbai Research District is spread over an area of 16 acres. It is an integrated campus for research, light manufacturing and corporate offices.

Navi Mumbai Research District

Plot Area: 16 Acres
Total Project Size: 1,190,000 SFT