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Rx Propellant is a first-of-its-kind Lifesciences platform in India, committed to developing dynamic research and innovation clusters in India. The suite of offerings ranges from real estate, startup funding, incubators, talent skilling and network building. Through our cluster initiatives, we envisage fostering science and innovation to make a positive impact on the society.  

The existing portfolio consists of multiple projects in Genome Valley, Hyderabad along with Bengaluru and Pune which are major Lifesciences hotspots. We have a portfolio of 5 M SFT development in the next five years that is amenable for R&D and manufacturing for pharma/biotech, diagnostics, nutraceuticals and agri-focused companies.

In the light of the recent pandemic, the Lifesciences industry has witnessed a boom. Our 30+ years of combined domain expertise in end-to-end asset and facility management positions us uniquely in the sector. If you are a developer or an investor interested in foraying into this exciting area and looking for partners, please contact us at