We understand that a tenant today is not just looking for the right infrastructure but the entire ecosystem around it. Our goal is to induct you in premiere Lifesciences clusters and provide value-added services that foster growth.

Irrespective of your size, we have the right project with flexible leasing models that are ideal for your operations. Our projects are designed for single- or multi-tenanted spaces and have the potential for expansion with built-to-suit capabilities.

R&D Labs

Ideal for Chemistry and Biology research

Clean Rooms

Biosafety laboratories for sterile work

Pilot Plants

Kilo-litre scale light manufacturing


Animal houses for pharmacology and toxicology

Rented Factories

Manufacturing small/large molecules, reagents, medical devices, etc.

Packaging centres

Packaging centres for aseptic fill-finish

We offer

“Extended Warm-Shell”

Our leasing model with an “Extended Warm-shell” ensures that your capital is utilized in growing business rather than infrastructure set-up.

Building Core and Shell

HVAC including Chiller Systems

Utilities & Gas Distribution System

Electrical System

Fire Alarm & Safety System

Effluent/Sewage pre-treatment plants

Waste disposal system

Passenger & freight Elevators

Rx Propellant Genome Valley Infrastructure
Rx Propellant Genome Valley Network
Rx Propellant Genome Valley Incubator
Rx Propellant Professional Training